Meet the electric motor features Phantom 54 LB

The electric motor Phantom 54 LB is ideal for Brazilian sport fishing, because its power is 54 pounds, your rod is 42 inches, has five speeds forward and two back, the lever is rubberized with easy operation stretcher, the tilting system allows it to be done work on erasures, it operates with a 12-volt battery and also is indicated for use only in fresh water, never in brackish water.

For the electric motor Phantom 54 LB function efficiently, the battery terminals must not be reversed, the drummer used to be 12 volts, it is not recommended to use the electric motor in salt water and can not let tangled lines in propeller electric motor.

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Automatic drummers charger Martinelli 5A is the ideal for those who make use of the electric motor, as after using the battery for a day, the indicated is to leave the battery charging during the night so that the next morning the battery is charged for a new fishery.

Electric motor bearings

Electric motor bearings should be replaced by personnel who are specialized

A rolling electric motor that presents problems should be replaced, but for precise it is necessary that the electric motor is completely dismantled, but this process should only be done by qualified personnel.

So that the electric motor p2b gtah 100 does not suffer from damage to their cores, will need to be removed after the cover of the bearing, the gap that lies between the stator and the rotor is shoes with cardboard that have corresponding thickness.

It is not difficult to disassemble the electric motor bearings, but to perform this action it is necessary to make use of own tools which is the bearing puller.

It is essential that the electric motor bearings are mounted in a location that is extremely clean and a staff that is qualified, because then the electric motor work effectively and smoothly.

Electric motor with protection from the weather

Modern electric motor has protection from the weather according to standard Nema II

The electric motor has three different types of casings. These protection models are protected against time according to standard Nema II; forced ventilation from the base, and forced ventilation from the top.

The most modern electric motor has protection against time according to standard Nema II. These carcasses do not allow the electric motor accumulate inside flammable gases, it does not need to be purged with clean air even before the electric motor into operation.

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This means that the electric motor has protection against time according to Nemma II standard may from immediate way after the activation of the start command is activated.

Thus, the most modern electric motor is safer relying on this type of protection because it does not suffer from the effects of flammable gases.

What is the electric motor

The electric motor is nothing more than a machine that receives electrical energy and converts it to mechanical energy. Today there are numerous segments that need mechanical energy to operate and so end up using the electric motor so that it can accomplish this transformation more economically and more effectively.

Understanding what is the electric motor EM2332T is a very simple process and we have several examples that show the importance of it on a daily basis. This engine came many years ago and today has undergone significant changes that allowed the implementation of the same in different segments.

Today it is increasingly common to speak of the electric motor, mainly because the new studies are allowing the creation of new models that will be implemented in new segments. The following Nautical, for example, is the method to work very engine. The engine is also gaining ground in the car market.

Electric motor has been used expressively

Electric motor has been used expressively in motor vehicles in order to save electricity and also care for the environment.

The function of the electric motor 3000 reelcraft is nothing more than performing the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy. The electric motor is the most used of all the engines, it is able to combine in itself aspects such as economy, low cost, cleaning, control and ease of transport also.

The machines that are on the market today, can not produce energy, they only convert other types of energy into mechanical energy so that come into operation.

The blender is a household appliance that has an electric motor that converts electrical energy that comes to him from taking into mechanical energy that foods that are inside can be processed.

Because of the pollution, the electric motor has been used in a significant way in motor vehicles in order to save electricity and also take care of the environment.